Quality chocolate and coffee that helps finance the rainforest.

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Fine Chocolate

Bean to Bar | Rare Cacao | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua & Chicago, IL

We Believe Delicious Chocolate Makes Everything Better

By choosing Oro Chocolate, you are contributing to reforestation in Nicaragua and regenerative community development 

Oro Chocolate Oro Chocolate

Classic Dark

77% Organic Cacao with hints of fruit, flower, and nut

Oro Chocolate Oro Chocolate


77% Organic Cacao with carmelized ginger

Oro Chocolate Oro Chocolate

Golden Milk

62% Organic Cacao with a touch of milk, blended with spices

Rare and Unique Fine Flavor Cacao Agroforestry

Farmers Earn far beyond market rates

Meticulously Processed in Small Batches

Farmers are our partners and we support their efforts in regenerative and organic farming. High quality cacao makes the best chocolate.

Finely Crafted

We are one of a handful of bean to bar makers producing chocolate in the country of origin. We seek inspiration in the nature around us and let this inform our scientific approach to flavor development.

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Dentro El Pacifico Hotel, Barrio Talanguera

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua